الزي العسكري و العتاد الحربي


Britain: set x2 identity tags belonging to Palestinian-Jewish soldier, circa. 1914-1918; weight: 1) 1.95g and 2) 1.65g. Tags bear virtually same information; issued to "Weinstein E | PAL10111 | JEW"....

سعر البيع: $200.00
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Wooden police truncheon, Palestine; with bolted leather strap and handle-grips formed out of the truncheon's base. Used by the Palestine Police and British army in preserving order. מילות...

Price: SOLD
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0110041 a-eretz-israel-ppg-palestine-police-gendermerie-uniform-breeches-pants

Rare Palestine Police Gendarmerie (PPG) breeches, circa. 1920-1926: an excellently preserved set of dark blue and purple pants reinforced along the inside-facing lengths of the pant legs to make them...

سعر البيع: $250.00
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Palestine/Israel: "Mishmar Ezrachi" ('Civil Guard') helmet, c. mid-late 1940's; by Pleese Ltd. of Holon. Shell in blue-gray w/2nd ver. Guard emblem in white; gray-green leather liner w/padded cloth...

سعر البيع: $1,000.00
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Palestine/Yishuv: 'Haga' ('Haganah Avirit') Air Defence helmet for Ramat Gan, c. 1940's; by Pleese Ltd. of Holon. Made from single metal sheet, painted blue-green, w/red Star of David in white circle...

سعر البيع: $1,250.00
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Palestine/Yishuv: helmet of TLV "Mishmar Ezrachi" ('Civil Guard'), 1938- early '40's; by Pleese Ltd., Holon. Helmet in blue-gray color, w/1st ver. emblem, front & unit number. Made from single...

سعر البيع: $800.00
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Palestine/Yishuv: South African Mk II steel helmet marked "Pakakh" ('Inspector') in Hebrew in white on the front, circa 1940's; shell not maker-marked (made by Transvaal Steel Pressing Syndicate),...

سعر البيع: $800.00
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Palestine: Palestine Police garter, c. 1947; fastened by two silver colored Palestine Police "PP" buttons. This accoutrement would have been worn over the dark blue uniform of the Police for dress...

سعر البيع: $150.00
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0110037 a-pre-state-israeli-made-pleese-factory-magen-david-adom-brodie-helmet

Rare pre-State Israeli made steel helmet for "Magen David Adom" (the Jewish equivalent of the Red Cross organization), circa. 1940-42. This is a metal helmet formed from a single pressed piece of...

Price: SOLD
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Rare Palestine Police Kolpak wool hat, 1947 by M and J Goldstein Limited. The hat is in mint condition and aparently unused. The piece does not come with the standard white-metal Palestine Police hat...

سعر البيع: $5,000.00
المخزن لحفظ الوحدات: 0133875

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