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1921 German Zionist movement mail: 5-3-1921 pm pc ex "Berlin Zionist Union" to German addressee, machine franked 10pf per period rate, announcing the dates of the 1921 Purim holiday events hosted by...

سعر البيع: $12.00
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BAOR-Jewish mail: lot x7 British military cvs (6 airmail) ex intelligence officer of BAOR Ruhr region Control Commission for Germany to Jewish civilian (producer of hand painted and printed fabrics)...

سعر البيع: $80.00
المخزن لحفظ الوحدات: 133586

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Lot x6 covers + 1 postcard sent between Jewish news and cultural organizations in Europe, 1924/1948-50; some on business stationary; x2 covers with cachets for 1948 World Jewish Congress.

سعر البيع: $60.00
المخزن لحفظ الوحدات: 133571

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Post Holocaust Jewish mail: x4 registered commercial covers (including 1 printed matter cv) ex Poland (Warsaw, Katowice x2, Lodz), including 1 from the Central Committee of Jews in Poland (on...

سعر البيع: $50.00
المخزن لحفظ الوحدات: 133567

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Post-Holocaust 2pc Jewish mail: 1) Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society (HIAS) stationary bilingual airmail cv ex Ecuador 10 MAR 1947 to Paris by Pan Am Clipper; franked 4 Sucres rate, cut open at left side;...

سعر البيع: $25.00
المخزن لحفظ الوحدات: 133565

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Post-Holocaust philately: Dachau camp 1947 Memorial Rally cacheted unused prepaid 5 Pfennig postcard. Obverse announces the dates of the commemoration and reverse is blank stationary space for...

سعر البيع: $20.00
المخزن لحفظ الوحدات: 133752

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