الطوابع وهواية جمع الطوابع العالمية ( غير الإسرائيلية)


Confederate States of America - uncut block of 4 CSA #12 (KB - Keatinge and Ball Printing) dark-blue 10 cents stamps. Near-mint (has horizontal crease-line at center of block), original gum, unused...

سعر البيع: $100.00
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Danish West Indies pre-paid postcard for 3 Cents, circa 1870-1902. Text and stamp in carmine-rose color; stamp has thick inverted frame. Uniface, in crisp unused condition. מילות מפתח: בולים בולאות...

سعر البيع: $12.00
المخزن لحفظ الوحدات: 0010033

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Egypt: block of x4 "Palestine • Palestina" denominated stamps, 1982, MNH - two pairs of alternate 1 and 2 denominated stamps, with images of map and flag.

سعر البيع: $75.00
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France - 2 air labels belonging to the collaborationist French Volunteer Legion (LVF) of the German Army, in World War 2. The French Volunteer Legion [against Bolshevism] - the 'Legion Francais...

سعر البيع: $80.00
المخزن لحفظ الوحدات: 0010138

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German World War I prisoner of war camp post - a postcard from a Miss Giesaroshskaya in Vilna (presumably the lady in the photo on obverse) to Russian inmate (number 50155, Mr. Lisek Gilarovski) at...

سعر البيع: $20.00
المخزن لحفظ الوحدات: 0010035

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Italy - set of 3 Black-shirts Fund stamps, 1923. Mint, lightly-hinged, full gum. Watermarked. מילות מפתח: בולים בולאות פילאטליה פילטליה דואר מעטפות גלויות אגרות אגרת איטליה

سعر البيع: $20.00
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Jordan(?) - stamp sheet of Dr. George Habash's "Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine" (PFLP), circa. late 1960's; MNH: x12 stamps including 10 with photographic landscapes and 2 with...

سعر البيع: $75.00
المخزن لحفظ الوحدات: 0130848

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Norway - corner block with gutter of 2 Norwegian 1 Ore (SG 301/38) olive-green colored stamps overprinted with a "V" (SG T49). Mint, unused, unhinged with original gum. Not water-marked. Has minor...

سعر البيع: $1.00
المخزن لحفظ الوحدات: 0010045

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Ottoman set x4 1919 First Anniversary of Accession, mint-hinged; Is.928/931, Michel 653/656

سعر البيع: $5.00
المخزن لحفظ الوحدات: 0133553b

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Ottoman x2 1919 Armistice 20 Para (MNH) and 25 Para (mint-hinged) stamps

سعر البيع: $2.00
المخزن لحفظ الوحدات: 0133553c

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Ottoman x4 stamps 1919 Sultan's Accession to Throne, mint-hinged

سعر البيع: $3.00
المخزن لحفظ الوحدات: 0133553d

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Palestine - lot x7 mint never hinged 1938/48-era Arab-related stamps: x3 denominated stamps of "The Arab Hospital", 10m and 50m (one with sheet number); strip x3 stamps with images of Dome of the...

سعر البيع: $75.00
المخزن لحفظ الوحدات: 0130849

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Poland - set of 14 mint 'Poczta Osiedli Polskich w Italii' stamps issued by the Polish Resettlement Corps in Italy, 1946. The Resettlement Corps was created by the British Government under the...

Price: SOLD
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Regensburg Camp Post 1947 national costume stamp series, perforated MNH (#9-18).

سعر البيع: $40.00
المخزن لحفظ الوحدات: 0133543

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