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Austria: 14th Zionist Congress delegate's pin, 1925; bronze and enamel; by M. Hammer of Vienna; size: 28mm; weight: 6g.Round emblem with stylized Hebrew letters "Yud" and "Daled" whose numerical...

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Czechoslovakia: 13th Zionist Congress delegate's pin, (1923); bronze(?) and enamel; not maker marked; size: 19.5mm; weight: 3.45g.Hexigonal shaped pin with gilded Star of David in center with Hebrew...

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Israel: 23rd Zionist Congress pin, (1951); bronze; not maker-marked; size: 28.5mm; weight: 3.15g.Hollow-backed badge with safety pin on reverse, with stylized but generic emblem of the Congress - a...

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Israel: 24th Zionist Congress tallion, (1956); nickel(?); not maker-marked, but may be by Kretchmer; size: 28.5mm x 33mm; weight: 12.45g.Uniface tallion bearing similar design to that of the 23rd...

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Palestine(?): 1st Zionist Congress 40th anniversary commemorative delegate's pin, 1937; bronze; not-maker-marked (possibly Kretchmer of Palestine); size: 55.5mm x 15mm; weight: 1.65g. Scarce: similar...

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Israel/Palestine: 20th Zionist Congress delegate's pin, (1937); nickel(?); manufactured by M[oshe] Moro of Jerusalem; size: 19.5mm x 22.5mm; weight: 5g.Square shield shaped pin depicting the official...

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Israel/Palestine: 21st Zionist Congress delegate's pin, (1939); bronze; not maker-marked but probably by Moro of Jerusalem; size: 13.25mm x 45mm; weight: 3.35g.The pin is in a profile of raised hand...

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Poland: Zionist Labor Union 3rd Congress sheet-stamped copper token, 1917; not maker-marked; size: 3cm; weight: 8.75g. Obv.: Star of David w/dot in center; double-ring Heb. leg. "Third Congress of...

سعر البيع: $400.00
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Russia: the Second National Conference of Russian Zionists in Minsk, 1902 medallion inscribed to “Akiva Arieh Weiss | Lodz Representative”; not maker-marked; size (tallion only): 23.75 x 37.5mm;...

سعر البيع: $5,000.00
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Switzerland(?): 2nd Zionist Congress Praesidium tallion, 1898; bronze; not maker-marked; size: 28.5mm x 38mm; weight: 8.45g. Obv.: 5 portraits w/Yiddish names in Heb., "Dr. Herzl" (Congress...

سعر البيع: $1,200.00
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