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Bronze token of 1st postwar (5th) convention of the religious-Zionist "Bachad" youth movement, in Budapest, 1947; size: 1.75 x 2.1mm; weight: 2.4g. Obverse bears legend in Hebrew: "[Hebrew month of]...

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Chile: 20th anniversary commemorative medal of the Zionist Federation ("Federación Sionista de Chile"), 1939; struck in aluminum/alloy; maker-marked "JP"; size (medal only): 28mm; weight:...

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Germany/Austria: Keren HaYesod calendar medal in German, 1937; cupro-nickle; maker-marked (unclear); size: 40mm; weight: 17.55g. Obv: Latin-dated calendar for 1937-38 (5697-5698) + Jewish holidays...

سعر البيع: $180.00
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Germany: 75th anniversary of the Jewish National Fund gilded bronze token; not maker-marked; size: 39.5mm; weight: 20.8g. Obv: JNF emblem within tri-lingual box "75 Years JNF/KKL" & leg. around "1901...

سعر البيع: $50.00
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Great Britain: English Zionist Federation aluminum commem. medal for King Edward VII coronation, 1902; by R. Neal; size: 41mm; weight: 11.15g. Obv.: 'the children of Israel' gazing at the Promised...

سعر البيع: $600.00
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Italy/Switzerland: Keren Kayemeth (JNF) tallion, c. early 20th century; by Jewish medallist Enrico Glicenstein; size: 27.5mm. Woman in field with sheep, "Keren Kayemeth Le Israel" in exergue/Boy...

سعر البيع: $125.00
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Jewish National Fund ("Keren Kayemet LeIsrael") medal: with palm tree, 8 Stars of David (one larger than the rest, with rays) and legend "Keren Kayemet LeIsrael" on obverse, and 7-branch Menorah,...

سعر البيع: $100.00
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Palestine (Russia?): Rishon LeZion Jewish settlement token, c. late 19th C. (1889/92?); copper; may be maker-maked "J" or Heb. "Lamed"; size: 28.5 x 33.5mm; weight: 8.15g. Obv.: orchard & fields of...

سعر البيع: $750.00
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Palestine/Austria: celluloid pin of "HeHalutz" Zionist movement, circa. 1910's/early 1920's; iron and cellulite; not maker-marked (Shmuel Kretchmer?); size: 21.75mm; weight: 2.15g. Depicts idyllic...

سعر البيع: $150.00
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Israel/Palestine: Jewish Agency member's pin, circa. 1930's; silvered bronze and enamel; no makers-mark; size: 17.75mm x 55.5mm; weight: 2.7g. Emblem designed by Otte Wallisch in 1929.Round pin with...

سعر البيع: $300.00
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Poland: "HaShomer HaLeumi" ("National Guardsman") Zionist youth movement "First Legislative Congress" pass, 1930; size: 34.5mm; weight: 1.05g.Round paper token-disk with metal sides; printed on one...

سعر البيع: $250.00
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Russia/Palestine: Rishon LeZion Jewish settlement token, circa. late 19th Century (1889?); copper; not maker-marked; size: 22.75mm x 25.25mm.A smaller version of the tallion item...

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Russia/Palestine: Rishon LeZion settlement/Theodore Herzl commemorative token, circa. 1898; copper; possibly maker-marked "J" (on rim); size: 26mm x 32.25mm; weight: 6.8g.The obverse of this token is...

سعر البيع: $750.00
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Russia/Palestine: Zionist-religious tallion, circa. late 19th Century; white metal; maker-marked "Rouchomovsky"; size (whole tallion): 17mm x 74mm; weight: 3.4g.Round medallion with ornate upper and...

سعر البيع: $500.00
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South African Zionist Federation silvered bronze(?) token commemorating Israel's 25th anniversary, 1973; size: 32mm; weight: 13.95g. Obverse bears Israel's official emblem for her 25th anniversary;...

سعر البيع: $50.00
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