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Belgium: Academie de Malines [Mechelen] 1st prize silver medal to H. Van Den Bergh, 1859-60; Rev. by Joseph-Pierre Braemt; size: 37.75mm; weight: 23.7g. Obv. laurels; engraved Fr. leg. "Academie of...

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Britain: 1st Place Scholar bronze medal awarded by the Jewish Free School to Emanuel Tacker, 1905; not maker-marked; size: 55.25mm; weight: 88.15g. The Jewish Free School (JFS) was founded in 1732 as...

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France: Great International Food Competition award medal to Max Levi business, 1885; by Massonnet; gilt bronze(?); size: 57.5mm; weight: 70.7g. Obv.: French leg. "Grand Concours International...

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Great Britain: silver award medal to Leslie Goldberg Tailors, 1940; size: 50mm. "City and Guilds of London Institute Department of Technology; Technological Examination" / Various Shields around...

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Israel: Prize for Outstanding Employee in the Tourist Industry, official medal in bronze ND (1966); designed by David Shore; size: 59mm; weight: 94.8g. This version bears the legend "Presented by the...

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Libya: Zionist-religious education prize(?) medal, circa. 1932-1939; cast bronze(?); size: 29.5mm; weight: 11g. Obv.: Star of David w/ "Zion" in center; leg.: "HaHistadrut HaZionit BeTripolitania...

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Netherlands: Court Commission of the Dutch Jews / Medal for the Improvement of the Social Condition of the Jews, 1827, by Johann Peter Schouberg; bronze strike; size: 58.5mm; weight: 83.4g. Obv.:...

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US: "Fred Kahan Award of Merit" of Bnai Zion org., numbered (15) silver plated bronze medal, ND (1980); by Metal Arts Co., obv. by Linda Harper Neiman & Hal Reed, rev. by Mel Wacks; size: 63.5mm;...

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US: Elkan R. Myers memorial award medal, ND; manufactured by the Medallic Art Company, designed by HCS (Hans Carl Schuler, 1912-1999; Forrer listed v8 p.196); size: 76mm; weight: 176.45g. Obv.: Myers...

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US: Gershwin brothers Library of Congress award medal in bronze, 1985; designed by Edgar Zell Steever IV (1915-2006); size: 76mm; weight: 222.35g; thickness: 7mm. Obv.: left facing busts George &...

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US: Sidney Licht MD 'American Congress of Rehabilitation Medicine' medal, 1968; by Medallic Art Co., designed by Paul Manship, 1886-1966; Forrer listed v8 p. 22-24; size: 76mm; weight: 235.75g. Obv.:...

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US: Stephen Rothman Memorial Award bronze prize medal; by Medallic Art Co., designed by Bruce Moore (1906- 1980); size: 63.5mm; weight: 119.75g. Obv.: left-facing Rothman w/ name above, "MD" on left...

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