113th "Hornet" [helicopter] Squadron of the IAF emblem pin
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113th "Hornet" Squadron of the IAF emblem pin, size: 1.95cm; weight: 3.4g.

The 113th is a combat helicopter squadron, established in 1955 as the IAF's 2nd jet squadron. It existed from 1955-1987 and re-established again in 1990 as a helicopter squadron. Its emblem is based on that of the French squadron - the Escadrille SPA 89 Guêpe Escadron de chasse 1/12 Cambrésis - which flew the Dassault Ouragans, the 113th's first aircraft. As the present emblem looks alightly different to the one depicted on the pin - and judging by the pin's back - this piece probably dates to 1955-1960s.