Belgian 'Korea-Battalion' Korean-war arm patch
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Belgian "Korea-Battalion" cloth formation arm patch. The Belgian battalion in Korea was formed under the auspicies of the Belgian United Nation Command in 1950 and dispatched to the Korean campaign in January 1951, where it fought until December 1954 and returned to Belgium in June 1955. The battalion numbered about 700 men but received new recruits continually throughout the war. It served initially in the Waegwan area, then along the Han River near Seoul, afterwards along the Imjin River, Haktang-Ni and Chatkol - earning battle honors in many of the engagements.

This patch is the Belgian- (not Korean) made issue from 1951-55. The design is based on the second formation insignia of the wartime 1st Independent Belgian Brigade (1944-45). It is thick, extremely well-manufactured and physically intact though some of the light-blue felt has been picked away in parts of the cross. Scarce.

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