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0010001 a-norwegian-national-union-nasjonal-samling-1941-party-rally-badge

Norwegian Nation Union party rally badge - Rally Badge for the Nasjonal Samling's rally of 1-2 November 1941 in Oslo. The badge depicts in relief form the party's emblem on top (with the circle's...

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0010003 a-british-army-ats-auxiliary-territorial-service-hat-badge

British hat badge of the Auxiliary Territorial Service (ATS) of the British Army, 1941-45. The Womens' Auxiliary Territorial Service began in 1938 as an attachment of the Territorial Army, and after...

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0010004 a-waffen-ss-wehrmacht-hungarian-volunteer-armshield-patch

Armshield of the Hungarian volunteers of the Wehrmacht and Waffen-SS, 1944-45. This is the Bevo weave version of the armshield issued to Hungarian volunteers in German military or paramilitary units....

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0010005 a-idf-israeli-army-zahal-haganah-draft-call-up-notice-1948

Early Israeli call-up notice, 1948. Call-up card of the "Central Command for National Service", which at that time was a part of the "National Committee of the Assembly of Israel" of the issuing...

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0010008 a-waffen-ss-wehrmacht-azad-hind-free-indian-legion-helmet-shield

German pith-helmet shield of the [Free] Indian Legion ("Azad Hind" - Free India). The decal sports a diagonally-striped tricolor of orange-white-green (from top left to bottom right). On the reverse...

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0010009 a-eretz-israel-palestine-mandate-palestine-police-brass-cap-badge

Cap badge of the Palestine Police, 1920's-40's. This is the silver-finished version of brass badge, with the long, flat hook on the back for insertion into a cap (in the standard British style of hat...

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0010010 a-eretz-israel-palestine-mandate-palestine-police-black-cap-badge

Cap badge of the Palestine Police, 1920's-40's. This is the black-finished lightweight metal badge, with two copper-colored prongs on either side of the badge at back (a pin would hook through them...

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German World War I propaganda postcard - title reads: "A transport of 4000 English prisoners of war at a collection-point in Arras". Appears to be issued from 1917-18, and relating to the 2nd battle...

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0010036 a

German World War I prisoner of war camp permit card - a permit card regarding the Russian inmate ("interpreter and book-binder, Gilarovski; number 50155") - probably the soldier pictured on the...

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0010037 a-1st-belgian-independent-group-free-1st-belgian-battalion-cap-badge

Bronze field cap badge of the [free] 1st Battalion Belgian Fusiliers in the United Kingdom. This unit was the first "free" Belgian Army unit to be created after the fall of Belgium in May 1940. The...

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0010038 a-baor-british-army-rhine-hamburg-emblem-patch

British Army on the Rhine (BAOR) cloth formation patch. This is the insignia patch of the British soldiers assigned to the Hamburg and Low Countries region. The patch is in excellent condition but...

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0010039 a-baor-british-army-rhine-rhine-army-emblem-patch

British Army on the Rhine (BAOR) cloth formation patch. This is the insignia patch of the British soldiers assigned to the Rhine Army. The Rhine district itself was created in March 1952. The patch...

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0010040 a-belgian-korea-battalion-1951-armshield-patch

Belgian "Korea-Battalion" cloth formation arm patch. The Belgian battalion in Korea was formed under the auspicies of the Belgian United Nation Command in 1950 and dispatched to the Korean campaign...

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0010046 a-raf-free-norwegian-air-force-volunteer-shoulder-patch

Norway - flag shoulder patch of the Free Norwegian Air Force section of the (British) Royal Air Force, 1940-45. The reconstituted [free] air force started as a core of 120 Norwegian airmen who...

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Jewish(?) soldier in British Army in Palestine leave pass for a soldier of the 2nd Battalion's workshop of Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers (REME - formed in 1942 and similar to an Ordinance...

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0010057 a-waffen-ss-finnish-volunteer-battalion-wiking-armshield-patch

Finland: armshield badge of Finnish volunteers in German military service, circa 1941-43. This armshield was probably worn by members of the Finnish Volunteer Battalion of the Waffen-SS ("Finnisches...

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0010058 a-waffen-ss-danish-volunteer-24th-regiment-nordland-armshield-patch

Armshield of Danish volunteers in the Waffen-SS, circa 1944-45. This is the printed version of the national colors in the Waffen-SS design of 1944, with a thick black border all around. This shield...

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0010060 a-waffen-ss-latvian-volunteer-legion-armshield-patch

Armshield of the Latvian soldiers serving in the Waffen-SS, circa 1944-45. A nice, preserved piece exhibiting age and possible wear, with neat embroidery lines (in contrast to many of the...

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0010061 a

Germany - Spanish Volunteer ("Blue") Division 'Bravery and Commemorative Medal', circa 1944-45. This medal was instituted by the Third Reich government in recognition of the Spanish volunteers who...

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