Givati Brigade 53rd battalion emblem pin, circa. 1949-50
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Pin of the 53rd battalion of the Givati brigade, circa. 1949-50: the battalion was established in November 1947, with the outbreak of the War of Independence, and initially known as the 3rd battalion of the Hagana's "field corps". In its early form it drew its manpower from youths who lived in the 'frontier' neighborhoods of Tel Aviv and so got it's nickname "the suburban battalion".

It initially served in the frontier zones around Tel Aviv and in March 1948 was assigned to the south, where it served in the region between Gedera and the northern Negev. In the course of the war it was one of the units which fended off the Egyptian incursion into Israel. Brigade commander, Shimon Avidan, wrote of the battalion that it fought in more battles than the other battalions of the brigade.

The reknowed Jewish partisan, Abba Kovner, served at the battalion's 'public relations' officer; the future chief of staff, Tzv Tzur, served as deputy battalion commander.