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Irgun/Etzel member's badge with two-pronged back, circa. 1940's; size: 18.5 x 20mm; weight: 1.5g. Unusual version with two-ponged back (one broken; apparently missing the adjoining snaps to the...

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Irgun/Etzel member's pin, circa. 1940's; size: 19 x 21mm; weight: 2.15g. With period safety-pin reverse; bronze(?) With the organization's motto "only thus" in the exergue. The design is of the...

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Irgun/Etzel white metal pin, circa. 1948: pressed impression of the Etzel emblem (hand holding run across map of 'Greater Israel') set against an image of the walls of Jerusalem (a reference to the...

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Large sized Irgun/Etzel member's pin, circa. 1940's; size: 24 x 29mm; weight: 2.9g. With metal fastening strip on back - probably for wear on a hat. Bearing the organization's motto "only thus" in...

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Lechi/"Fighters for the Freedom of Israel" ("Stern Group") metal pin, circa. 1948: white metal pin shaped in the image of the Lechi emblem, with the movement's name in initials ("Le.Kh.i" - Lokhamei...

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Pin of the "Exhibition of the Revolt", 1958; size: 1.6 x 2.4cm; weight: 0.95g. The pin bears an image of a torch held by hand with the legend "Exhibition of the Revolt". The Exhibition took place on...

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Pin of the "Convention of the Generation of the Revolt", 1958; size: 1.85cm; weight: 1.05. The pin bears the emblem of the Etzel in the center against the backdrop of a wall (probably a reference to...

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