Defender of Jerusalem ("Magen Yerushalaim") badge, 1948
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Defender of Jerusalem ("Magen Yerushalayim") badge, 1948; weight: 3.15g. With safety-pin back, in the style of Israeli awards of that time. This is a two-piece badge, with a shield of white metal with the word "Jerusalem", and the emblem of the pre-State Army, the Hagana (and soon to be the IDF's emblem), in bronze above it.

The badge was worn on the left pocket of both military and civilian dress, and was the precursor of the War of Independence campaign ribbon (adopted in 1951), which replaced it (and a miniature Defender of Jerusalem pin worn on that). Awarded to soldiers and civilians who served under the command of the O.C. [Officer Commanding] Jerusalem (Dov Yosef - a civilian) between 1 April 1948 and 10 June 1948.  

The dates refer to what is known as the "second phase" (and part of the "third phase") of the Israeli War of Independence, after the initial phase when Jewish and Arab forces fought for control of the transport and supply routes in Palestine, and during which Israel declared independence and foreign Arab forces invaded her. The "First Truce" between the Israelis and the Arabs came into effect on 11 June. The commander of the Jerusalem front, and Israel's first General, Mickey Marcus, was killed by friendly fire on the 10th, the day before the truce came into effect.

סיכת מגן ירושלים תש"ח, מלחמת השחרור עצמאות, מיליטאריה, מיליטריה