Israeli Army Tunic Badges & Pins


2 sets of Israeli Army and Israeli Airforce sergeant rank stripes, circa. 1950's: the Army ranks are of the earliest style, with individually stitched blue lines along each of the three stripes - and...

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IDF Druze Battalion emblem: unit badge belonging to "Gdud Kherev" ('Sword Battalion') of Druze and Circassian soldiers in the Israeli Army; weight: 3.7g; not maker-marked.Druze (Bedouin and...

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Early IDF air defence pin in gold finish, circa. early 1950's; size: 11x29mm; weight: 1.2g. Design based on that of the pre-State "Haga" service run by the Yishuv, here set against the emblem of the...

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Emblem pin of "Sayeret Givati" (elite reconnaisance) unit of the Givati Brigade, size: 2.5 x 1.5cm; weight: 1.3g. The Givati Brigade was resurrected in 1983 along with its elite reconnaisance unit,...

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Emblem pin of the 50th [airdropped] Battalion of the Nahal Brigade, size: 1.65 x 1.9cm; weight: 1.8g. The 50th "basalt" battalion began as the 88th Airdropped battalion of the Nahal, and was part of...

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Metal pin of the "Nachal" brigade of the Israeli Army, circa. 1960's. The "Nachal" - "Fighting Pioneer Youth" - is the spiritual successor to the pre-State "Palmach" force, incorporating military...

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Israeli Army Master Sergeant tag, 1950s: worn on the lower left sleeve of a battledress uniform (though rarely seen in use: here is a master sergeant at a recruit base). Distinguished from the 1948...

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Scarce old Israeli Army (IDF) military police metal shoulder tag, circa. 1948-50. The badge text says "Mishtara Tzva'it", has two rear-side loops and the catch pin; with red backing; weight: 3.65...

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IDF paratroop battalion (890th) commando school pin: awarded upon completion of the corp's commando course; 1955-1960's.At the end of 1954, as head of the IDF training division, Yitzhak Rabin...

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2 sets of Israeli Defence Force (IDF) shoulder strap ranks for a Captain ("Seren"), circa. 1948-early 1950s: one set, with stitched cloth tabs is for service/combat uniforms (known in Army parlance...

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Scarce tunic collar/shirt-pocket Israeli Army (IDF) supply corps metal pin, circa. 1948-50. The pin features the original design of the supply corps - a horse and chariot superimposed on a sword....

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Israeli military dog tags, circa 1958-60. Set of 2 unifaced aluminum dog tags with the soldier's personal number on them. Judging by the style of the tags and the number (6 digits, around the 500,000...

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Extremely rare Israeli Army General Staff ("Matkal" - 'Mateh Clalli') member breast pin, circa. 1948-50. Small metal pin bearing the emblem of the IDF's General Staff: about 2cm high and 1cm wide;...

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