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Eretz Israel - beautiful cap badge of the "1st Judean Battalion" (in Hebrew, 'Ha Gdud Ha Rishon Le Yehuda'), 1919.The Battalion was a post-World War I formation of Jewish volunteers, former soldiers...

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Jewish Brigade 'Giyus' (enlistment) pin: stylized badge formed of a square blue face on round gray backing, with a stylized Hebrew letter "Gimmel" ('G') formed from the back stroke of the "Gimmel"...

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French Israeli Six Day War commemorative medal, 1967; struck in silver (marked 999 on rim); no artist/maker mark; weight: 13.1g; size: 33mm: obverse depicts flag of Israel with sword and olive branch...

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0110044 a-palestine-regiment-emblem-hat-badge

Jewish Brigade metal hat insignia badge, 1944-45; curved, with standard crude manufacture and long, slim slider on reverse; weight: 11.05 grams. Based on a design worn by the Palestine Regiment...

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Jewish Brigade 2nd battalion assembly uniface commemoration medal, 1971; weight: 14.5g; size: 35g. Obverse bears square image of Israeli (i.e. Zionist) flag with Star of David and number "2" in...

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0010137 a-eretz-israel-palestinian-jewish-brigade-group-brigada-shoulder-patch

Israel - shoulder patch of the Jewish Brigade Group of the British Army, in the Second World War, 1944-45. The Jewish Brigade's origins lie in the movement of Palestinian-Jewish volunteers who joined...

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Palestinian serviceman in British forces World War II "Palestine" curved metal shoulder tag; size: 51.5mm wide; weight: 9.8g. With 2-pronged reverse. Worn by Jewish and Arab soldiers in service in...

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Palestinian serviceman in British forces World War II "Palestine" rectangular metal shoulder strap tag with light-blue background finish; size: 45 x 12.5mm; weight: 3.2g. With safety-pin back. Scarce...

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