WWII British Army "Palestine" rectangular metal shoulder strap tag w/light-blue background
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Palestinian serviceman in British forces World War II "Palestine" rectangular metal shoulder strap tag with light-blue background finish; size: 45 x 12.5mm; weight: 3.2g. With safety-pin back. Scarce and possibly immediate post-war type; possibly worn by unarmed Jews and Arabs in service of the British Army. Not featured in Alex Friedman's guide to Jewish cap badges (up to edition 3). There were many varieties of "Palestine" shoulder flashes - in metal and cloth - issued during the Second World War, including one issued by the Jewish Agency, similar in style to this badge.

תג כתף "פלשתיין" לחיילי ארץ ישראל בצבא הבריטי מלה"ע ה-2, מיליטאריה, מיליטריה