Badges, Pins & Emblems - Mandate/Yishuv

0120038 a-palestine-noter-tasc-temporary-additional-security-constable-hat-badge-front

Palestine, mandatory period hat insignia badge for "TASC": legend in English and Hebrew, bearing the Royal Crown; in darkened tombak with double-pronged back; not maker-marked. Weight: 3.25g. The...

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0010201 a-eretz-israel-palestine-mandate-fire-brigade-cap-badge-emblem

Metal cap badge of the Fire Brigade in the Palestine Mandate. The badge is nicely detailed, stamped curved metal piece stylized as 6-pointed star bearing the emblem of the fire and rescue services -...

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0132001 a

English shoulder-strap metal tag of the Palestine Police Force; size: 52 x 35mm; weight: 10.25g. Maker-marked (" Wm Dowler & Sons Ltd" -?). תג כתף משטרת המנדט פלשתינה, מיליטאריה מיליטריה

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0010009 a-eretz-israel-palestine-mandate-palestine-police-brass-cap-badge

Cap badge of the Palestine Police, 1920's-40's. This is the silver-finished version of brass badge, with the long, flat hook on the back for insertion into a cap (in the standard British style of hat...

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0132004 a

Palestine Police Force blackened nickel-brass(?) cap badge with 2-pronged back; size: 30 x 44mm; weight: 8.5g. Heavier than the standard badge. Not maker marked. סמל כובע משטרת המנדט פלשתינה,...

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0132002 a

Palestine Police Force silver finished cap badge with 2-lugged back; size: 29.5 x 44mm; weight: 7.2g. Maker-marked ("Dowler" of Birmingham -?). סמל כובע משטרת המנדט פלשתינה, מיליטאריה, מיליטריה

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0010010 a-eretz-israel-palestine-mandate-palestine-police-black-cap-badge

Cap badge of the Palestine Police, 1920's-40's. This is the black-finished lightweight metal badge, with two copper-colored prongs on either side of the badge at back (a pin would hook through them...

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Palestine Police sweetheart pin; size: 11.5 x 45.5mm; weight: 0.9g. Normally worn by off-duty members of the Police, on civilian clothes. Most probably from the 1920's-30's, before the Police became...

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0132003 a

Rare Palestine Police Force copper cap badge with 2-pronged back (one missing); size: 29.5 x 43.5mm; weight: 6.8g. Rarely encountered in a metal other than the usual silver-finished or blackened...

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0132006 a

World War II era British Army Majors' rank pair of crowns in blackened bronze, with two pronged back; size 28mm; weight: 7.5g. Bearing the Crown of George V. Majors' ranks in the British Army consist...

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