Jewish Units & Palestine Mandate Militaria

0110041 a-eretz-israel-ppg-palestine-police-gendermerie-uniform-breeches-pants

Rare Palestine Police Gendarmerie (PPG) breeches, circa. 1920-1926: an excellently preserved set of dark blue and purple pants reinforced along the inside-facing lengths of the pant legs to make them...

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0010010 a-eretz-israel-palestine-mandate-palestine-police-black-cap-badge

Cap badge of the Palestine Police, 1920's-40's. This is the black-finished lightweight metal badge, with two copper-colored prongs on either side of the badge at back (a pin would hook through them...

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Palestine Police sweetheart pin; size: 11.5 x 45.5mm; weight: 0.9g. Normally worn by off-duty members of the Police, on civilian clothes. Most probably from the 1920's-30's, before the Police became...

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0020016.1 a

Jewish Brigade Group - original black and white photo of four soldiers of the Jewish Brigade. Handwritten in French on back that photo was taken in "Belgium" (undated but probably 1945). Photo is...

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Palestine Mandate Jewish Settlement Police ("Notrim") - original black and white photo of Supernumary Police (Settlement Police) in Palestine. Photo dated July 1947. Excellent condition. מילות...

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0110057 a

"Noter" (Hebrew constable/supplementary Police) training manual: "Application of Fire" ("Matan Esh ve'Shimusha"), 1937. A Hebrew translation of one of a series of English-language military training...

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0110037 a-pre-state-israeli-made-pleese-factory-magen-david-adom-brodie-helmet

Rare pre-State Israeli made steel helmet for "Magen David Adom" (the Jewish equivalent of the Red Cross organization), circa. 1940-42. This is a metal helmet formed from a single pressed piece of...

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0132003 a

Rare Palestine Police Force copper cap badge with 2-pronged back (one missing); size: 29.5 x 43.5mm; weight: 6.8g. Rarely encountered in a metal other than the usual silver-finished or blackened...

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0120068 a

Cloth shoulder patch of the Jewish Brigade (1944-46): as worn by Private Eliyahu Brigel; size: 5.3cm x 5cm.The Brigade was a unit of the British Army, which served with the 8th Army in Northen Italy...

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0132007 a

Palestinian serviceman in British forces World War II "Palestine" curved metal shoulder tag; size: 51.5mm wide; weight: 9.8g. With 2-pronged reverse. Worn by Jewish and Arab soldiers in service in...

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0132006 a

World War II era British Army Majors' rank pair of crowns in blackened bronze, with two pronged back; size 28mm; weight: 7.5g. Bearing the Crown of George V. Majors' ranks in the British Army consist...

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Jewish(?) soldier in British Army in Palestine leave pass for a soldier of the 2nd Battalion's workshop of Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers (REME - formed in 1942 and similar to an Ordinance...

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0132008 a

Palestinian serviceman in British forces World War II "Palestine" rectangular metal shoulder strap tag with light-blue background finish; size: 45 x 12.5mm; weight: 3.2g. With safety-pin back. Scarce...

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