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Alexandroni Brigade 25th anniversary conference commemoration medal, 1973: struck in nickel; no maker mark; weight - 35.65g; size - 44.5mm. Obverse depicts a British mk III helmet set against the...

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Carmeli brigade conference medal, signed: special medal issued [to Eliyahu Brigel] to commemorate an assembly of veterans celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Carmeli Brigade's operations Haifa...

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Etzioni Brigade 20th anniversary conference, 1968; struck in tombak; no makers mark; weight - 32.5g; size - 45mm. Obverse depicts the emblem of the "Defender of Jerusalem" (an award issued to those...

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Givati infantry Brigade liberation of Ashkelon / Israel's 20th Anniversary commemoration medal, 1968: struck in silvered tombak; no maker mark; weight: 28.75g; size: 38mm. Obverse bears the Givati...

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Golani Infantry Brigade 20 year commemoration medal, 1968; struck in silvered tombak(?); no maker mark; weight: 26.55g; size: 35mm. Obverse depicts sword intertwined with flame above overturned...

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Golani Infantry Brigade 25 year commemoration and Israel Independence anniversary numbered medal, 1973; struck in silvered tombak(?) by the Shekel medal company; weight: 93.7g; size: 58.5mm. Obverse...

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Kiryati Brigade 25th anniversary commemoration token, 1973; struck in tombak; no makers mark; weight - 36.4g; size - 44mm. Obverse bears Brigade's emblem of a crenelated battlement (the word "Kirya"...

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Oded [reserve] Infantry Brigade 20 year commemoration medal, 1968; weight: 15.75g; size: 35mm. Obverse depicts the emblem of the brigade with Hebrew dates beneath: "5708" [1948] and "5728" [1968]; on...

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Hagana 50th Anniversary medal (ND), 1970; struck in silvered bronze; minted by the Elisha medal company in Israel; weight: 91.8g; size: 59.5mm. Obverse bears emblem of the Hagana with legend "With...

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Givati infantry Brigade 54th Battalion "Lag Ba'Omer" [Jewish holiday] uniface event token, 1967; bronze(?); weight: 11.9g; size: 32mm x 39mm. Obverse depicts emblem of the battalion with its number...

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Givati infantry Brigade 54th Battalion veterans assembly commemoration medal, 1961: struck in copper; no maker mark; weight - 57.7g; size - 42mm; thickness - 5mm. Obverse bears image of the...

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0120016 a-eretz-israel-haganah-hish-officers-military-field-training-manual-1947

Rare Hagana military training manual, 1947: a temporary but highly organized and collated edition of an infantry training manual called generally (in loose translation) "Fielding" (i.e. field...

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0010005 a-idf-israeli-army-zahal-haganah-draft-call-up-notice-1948

Early Israeli call-up notice, 1948. Call-up card of the "Central Command for National Service", which at that time was a part of the "National Committee of the Assembly of Israel" of the issuing...

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0110055 f-front-worn-israeli-idf-sock-hat-kova-gerev

Rare Israeli Army (IDF) olive green sock hat ("Kova Gerev" in Hebrew), circa. 1947-48. Though widely seen and used during the 1947-49 War of Independence, these hats are surprisingly difficult to...

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0010094 a-waffen-ss-danish-free-corps-frikorps-danmark-armshield-patch

Hand-made armshield badge of the Danish volunteers of the Danish Free Corps ("Frikorps Danmark") of the Waffen-SS, 1941-43. The Free Corps was raised in June 1941 and fought on the eastern front,...

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