Palestine-Asmara detainee cv ex Sambal, Rabbi Shraibaum w/special cachet 1945
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Asmara (Eritrea / Ethiopia), Jewish political detainee mail: cover ex. camp ("Sambal" sp?) written by "J. Shraibaum, The Rabbi of the Detainees, Asmara" to wife(?) in Haifa and posted Nov 1945 in Jerusalem; with "Headquarters Palestine Police…CID" ("CID" - Criminal Investigations Department) large box cachet on rev. Rare.

Shraibaum was not a prisoner: following a protest in the Kartego camp in November 1944 over the stoppage of Kosher meat being served, the "National Committee" (Va'ad Leumi) in Palestine sent Rabbi Shraibaum and a Kosher butcher, Rabbi Rosenberg, to service the needs of the prisoners; both lived outside the camp and were given permission to enter and leave (ref:

מילות מפתח: היסטוריה בולאית מעטפות חותמות דואר צבאית מנדטורית מחנוה מחנות מעצר עצירים אפריקה סודן גילגיל סמבל סאמבל סאמבאל משטרת משטרה פלשתינה יהודים מחתרת אצ"ל