Reg. urgent/secret mail ex Haifa Cdr to Cdr 5th Bn 1 Feb. 1948
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Registered urgent mail from Haifa City Commander (the mayor Shabtai Levi?; cachet on back) to "commander 5th Battalion" (Israel Litowar-Lior); registered #224, postmarked and received on same date (1 Feb. 1948) and charged to the "transportation" account; with "secret" cachet and cachet of "2nd Brigade". Roughly opened at top.

At this time, the 5th Battalion belonged to the Levanoni Brigade, until on the 28th of the same month the Levanoni was split into the Golani and Carmeli brigades - and this 5th Battalion ("Alon") assigned to the Golani Brigade. Oddly, the 2nd Brigade is the Carmeli brigade and it may have been handling the mail for this battalion.