Germany: 'Corn Jew'/Hanging Jew medal, 1694-1695, variant in lead
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Germany: "Corn Jew" Kornjudenmedaille / Hanging Jew medal, 1694-1695 - rare variant in lead; by Christian Wermuth; size: 37.5mm, weight: 25.75g.

Obverse: house of peasant with stork nest on top, left of hanging Jew in tree with Devil on the rope and long corn stalks in field on right, with legend "Du Korn Iude." ("You Corn Jew") above, and legend below on two lines: "Wolfeile Zeit" ("Cheap Times") and "1695.".

Reverse: walking Jew facing right, with Devil sitting on his sack of grain with German legend "Du Korn Iude." ("You Corn Jew") above, and "Theure Zeit.1694." ("Expensive Times") below in one line.

Not listed either in Kirschner or Brettauer, but does appear (listed as a silver issue) in both JM-111 and P.u.R. 79. In AU: the strike is weak, possibly because of the metal used. For a related item, see 0130300.

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