Austria: Carl Andorfer commemorative bronze medal by Pawlik, 1893
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Austria: Carl Andorfer commemorative medal, 1893; struck in silvered bronze(?); by Franz Xavier Pawlik (Austria); size: 32.5mm; weight: 20.15g; thickness: 2.75mm.

Obverse depicts Andorfer's profile facing left, with abbreviated legend "born in Vienna 1852", and Pawlik's name engraved on the shoulder.

On reverse a dedication in German surrounded by ornamental wreath device "Mitgründer Des Clubs der Münz und Medaillen Freunde in Wien | Seinen Freunden Zur Erinnerung Wien 1893" ("Co-founder of the Coins and Medals Club of Vienna | A Token from Your Friends"). Medallic strike, plain rim.

Karl Andorfer was a well known collector of coins and medals, and co-founded with Richard Epstein what eventually became a large collection of over 1,000 medals commemorating musicians (later purchased by the well known collector Paul Niggl). This collection formed the basis of a book he later published (1907) called "Musica in Nummis" (Music in Numismatics).

The medalist Pawlik at his peak was the First Medallist to the Vienna Mint and his extensive portfolio consists of numerous personal medals, including one of Archduke Franz Ferdinand. In EF-AU; Forrer-434, ANA 1910 exhibition #433.

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