Germany: Jud Süss in Birdhouse screw-medal w/19 pics (not orig.) inside
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Germany: Jud Süss in Birdhouse ("Vogelhaus") screw-medal ("schraubmedaille") with 19 pictures of his life and death inside, circa. after 1738; Wurttemberg, Germany; pewter?; medallist/artist unknown and unmarked; size: 41.75mm, weight: 19.65g.

Obverse: depicts bust of Joseph Suskind Oppenheimer facing left, with German legend around "IUD.IOSEPH.SÜS 1 7 3 8 OPPENHEIMER" and double-ringed edge.

Reverse: depicts hanging birdcage suspended by gallows and birds flying around, with double-lined legend in German on either side, ".AUS.DIESEM.VOGEL.HAUS-SCHAUGT.SÜS.DER.SCHELM.HERAUS.". Plain rim; medal rotation.

The medal can be unscrewed and inside are 19 illustrated pictures of Oppenheimer's life and death: these are not the originals and appear to be cut out from Kirschner's book (originals were handpainted on parchment or made on copper plates - JM-116).

Joseph Suskind Oppenheimer (1698-1738), "the Jew Suess", was a Jewish banker, financial planner and finance minister for Duke Karl Alexander of Wurtemberg, who, in the course of his career incurred many enemies through envy as well as from his own personal economic achievements. When Karl Alexander died in 1737, Oppenheimer was accused by his detractors of many charges, imprisoned and hanged. His body we subsequently thrown into a bird cage where it hung for six years.

The public joy at his bringing to "justice" was so great that several medals were struck to commemorate the event, and some, including the screw medal continued to be made into the 19th Century (ref: JM-116).

In VF-EF (lack of detail due more to type of manufacture rather than to actual wear, but there is a hole in the thin metal on Oppenheimer's collar); JM-19-21; Kirschner-17 (which is based on Kirschner-15), Fieweger-391.

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