Jewish & Israeli Merchant/ Commerce Tokens

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Italy: "M. Jesurum & Co." Jewish merchant token, 1889, in brass, UNC; size: 3.6cm; weight: 17.2g. Obverse bears the business name and emblem(?) "J. Jesurum & Cie. Venise | Souvenir". Legend...

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Italy > Milano: Walco industrial machinery business token; tin; size: 24.25mm; weight: 1.9g. Coin alignment: obverse and reverse are imprinted with the company's name, address and phone number...

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Britain: lot of 8 denominated tokens from J. Salmon & Son Ltd. business of London (presumably a Jewish merchant); the tokens are in Shillings and Pence including 2 versions of the 6 Pence...

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New Zealand, Wellington, "Lipman Levy" one penny Jewish merchant token (ND), circa. 1857-1880; struck in copper; no artist mark but medallist is W. J. Taylor of London; weight: 15.2g; size:...

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St. Helena, "Solomon Dickson and Taylor" half penny token (ND), circa. 1821; struck in copper(?); no artist mark; weight: 7.15g; size: 28.75mm.Obverse legend "Payable at St. Helena" with business...

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United Kingdom "model token"/toy money: 'Model Crown' minted by Hyams, 1848, VF; silver and gilt plated; size: 2.65cm; weight: 8g. Obverse depicts left facing bust of Queen Victoria and date in...

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United States > New York: "Felix's Kosher Dining Saloon" Civil War era token, 1863; no artist's mark; struck in brass; weight: 2.65g; size: 19.5mm. Coin rotated strike; milled edge on obverse. One...

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United States > Alaska: 'Rain check' token from Solly's; brass(?); size: 25mm; weight: 5.3g. Coin alignment: obverse "Solly's Seward Alaska"; reverse "Rain Check Good for One Snort". Solly's...

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United States > Massachusetts > Boston: Bernard and Friedman leather and shoe store lucky token; bronze(?); size: 22.5mm x 26.75mm; weight: 4.6g.Horse-shoe shaped token: obverse bears coat of...

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United States > Illinois > Rock Island: Charles Fiebig's and Sons advertising token; aluminum; size: 28.25mm; weight: 2.1g.Obverse legend "Chas. Fiebig's Sons Locksmiths | 1619-3 Ave. Rock...

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United States > California? (San Francisco?): David Roth's Jewelers 10 cent token; brass; size: 18.25mm; weight: 2.85g.Obverse legend "David Roth's Sons Jewelers 1st & Market".On reverse "Good...

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United States > South Dakota > Hosmer: Gottlieb's Store 50 Cent token; aluminum; size: 29mm; weight: 1.75g.Obverse legend "Gottlieb's Store"; reverse legend "Good for 50¢ in...

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United States > Illinois > Peoria: Guy Hornish music company $10 token; tin; size: 38.5mm; weight: 6.3g.Obverse depicts a grand piano with legend "Guy Hornish Music Co. | Peoria Life Bldg...

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