Czechoslovakia: 150th Anniv. Patent of Toleration silver medal by Šejnost, 1931
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Czechoslovakia: 150th Anniversary of the Patent of Toleration, 1781-1931, 1931; struck in silver; by Josef Šejnost (Czechoslovakia); size: 39.75mm; weight: 34.3g.

Obverse depicts an unidentified Chapel with Czech legend above "Na Pamĕť 150 Výročí Tolerančního Patentu" ("In commemoration of the 150th anniversary of the Patent of Toleration"), with dates in exergue and Seinost's name just above.

On reverse, a chalice on top of a [prayer] book, with legend below "Učinilť Jest S Námi Veliké Véci Hospodin" (roughly translated as "The Lord is With Us"). Medallic rotation with silversmith marks imprinted on rim; plain rim.

The Holy Roman Emperor, Joseph II of Austria, emancipated minorities in his lands, starting in 1781, with the edict commemorated here (the "Patent of Emancipation" of October 1781), granting limited religious freedom ("private religious exercises" in clandestine Churches) to Lutherans, Calvinists and Greek Orthodox; Jews were not included in the Patent but were granted emancipation in the second Edict of Tolerance of January 1782.

Although this medal is part of a collection of Judaic medal, as in a few other instances it may have been mistakenly associated with Jewish emancipation. The religious temple depicted on the medal is likewise not of the famous Jewish "Altneuschul" (Old-New Synagogue) in Prague, and may just be an iconic image of a house of worship.

The Czech sculptor and medalist, Joseph Sejnost (1878-1941), is not well documented outside of the Czech Republic but his portfolio includes works celebrating then-contemporary figures and events, including the Czechoslovak leaders Benes and Masaryk, as well as historical events. In AU.

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