Medals of Jewish Rituals & Religious Events

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Russia: Moses/"Shmah Yisrael" prayer Jewish tallion, circa. late 19th Century; silver; possibly Aleksandr Sergeev Yegorov of Moscow; size: 18.25mm x 27mm; weight: 2.95g.Oval tallion depicting Moses...

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Netherlands, Laeken/Rotterdam; Henry Levyssohn and Elizabeth Lavino marriage 50th jubilee medal, 1842; struck in bronze; by Jewish engraver Jacques Wiener (Belgium); weight: 29.65g; size: 38.75mm;...

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Jewish religious pendant (ND), circa. 1970s; silver; maker marked "C" in circle; weight: 9.3g; size: 21.5mm x 40mm. Obverse depicts religious Jew, possibly the Rabbi Menachem Schneerson of the...

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Germany, "Rosh HaShana" 'Tashlich' medal with Wayfarer's Prayer, 1817; by Aaron Kohn; silver, 33mm, 13.9g: with Blessing for Traveler ("Tfilat HaDerech") - to protect him on his journey - on obverse,...

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Germany, Berlin; Lina Jaffé and Jacob Alexander marriage token, 1882; struck in gilded bronze; no marker marks; weight: 11.65g; size: 28.25mm.Obverse bears two city coats of arms (probably...

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Germany, Merzig (Saarland), Clara Weiskopf and Moses Schnerb wedding token, 1896; cast(?) in copper; no maker mark; weight: 16.85; size: 33mm.Obverse depicts Jewish "Khuppa" (wedding canopy) with...

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Germany, Bavaria, Fürth(?); 50th Wedding Jubilee of Dr. Samuel Berlin Hofrath medal, 1891; struck in silver (.990); no maker marks; weight: 22.6g; size: 40.5mm.Obverse depicts two coats of arms (on...

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