Germany: Lina Jaffé & Jacob Alexander marriage bronze token, 1882
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Germany, Berlin; Lina Jaffé and Jacob Alexander marriage token, 1882; struck in gilded bronze; no marker marks; weight: 11.65g; size: 28.25mm.

Obverse bears two city coats of arms (probably representing the hometowns of the bride and groom) - Posen (Posnan) and Hamburg, with Hebrew legend in wreath above, "Mazal Tov" ("Good Luck"), and an abbreviated dedication below, "Gewidmet | v.E. & R.M.".

on reverse an 11-line legend in German announcing the wedding, surrounded by wreath.

No biographies appear for either Jaffe or Alexander, and Lina Jaffe is not / directly related to Pauline Jaffé (1819-1854) who established the Paulinenstift Jewish Girls' orphanage in Hamburg. In UNC with luster; a small dirt mark on obverse rim; Grunwald p.138, Gaedeschens 2229. Oddly, this token is catalogued as a Hamburg piece although it commemorates an event in Berlin.

מילות מפתח: מדליות אירועים יהודיים דתיים אסימונים צדקה פדיון תשליך ברית מילה חתונה נישואין ראש השנה יודאיקה יודאיכה גרמניה