Judaic Medals & Tokens

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Germany, Merzig (Saarland), Clara Weiskopf and Moses Schnerb wedding token, 1896; cast(?) in copper; no maker mark; weight: 16.85; size: 33mm.Obverse depicts Jewish "Khuppa" (wedding canopy) with...

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Germany > Cologne/Köln: Cologne (Glockengasse) Synagogue inauguration medal, 1861; struck in bronze; by Jacques Wiener; size: 59.5mm; weight: 85.45g; thickness: 5.5mm.Obverse depicts intricate...

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Germany: "Curt Eisner" Minister President satire medal by Karl Goetz (ND), circa. 1918-1919; bronze-copper cast; size: 57mm, weight: 59.2g.Obverse: depicts bespectacled Eisner on lion trying to pull...

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Germany: Gustav Landauer "Soviet/Conniving Republic" satire medal by Karl Goetz (ND), circa. 1919; bronze-copper cast; size: 58mm, weight: 55g.Obverse: depicts three "shady" post-War characters - an...

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Germany > Frankfurt: Inauguration medal of [original] Jeschurun Synagogue in Frankfurt (on Rechneigrabenstraße and Schützenstraße), 1852; struck in tin; not maker-marked; size: 39mm; thickness:...

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Germany > Frankfurt: uniface inauguration plaquette of the New "Yeshurun" Synagogue in Frankfurt (on Friedberger Anlage), 1907; cast in bronze; by Karl Goetz; size: 49.5mm x 61.75mm; weight:...

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Germany > Hamburg: Jewish Hospital in Hamburg, 1841; by J.D.; bronze, size: 23mm, weight: 4.05g. With bust of Salomon Heine and view of the home. Heine was the uncle of Heinrich Heine, and the...

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Germany: Joseph and His Brothers inflationary Jeton ("Josefs-Jeton" - "Joseph und Seine Bruder" teuerungsjeton), 1772; struck in brass; by Johann Christian Reich (Germany, Brandenburg): size: 29mm,...

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Germany: Joseph and His Brothers inflationary Jeton ("Josefs-Jeton" - "Joseph und Seine Bruder" Rechenpfennig), 1772; struck in copper; by Johann Christian Reich (Germany, Brandenburg): size: 30mm,...

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Germany: Jud Süss in Birdhouse ("Vogelhaus") screw-medal ("schraubmedaille") with 19 pictures of his life and death inside, circa. after 1738; Wurttemberg, Germany; pewter?; medallist/artist unknown...

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