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Israel/Palestine: Henrietta Szold commemorative pin, circa. 1945; silver(?), but unmarked; designed by "A.G."; size: 14.75mm x 20.25mm; weight: 3.05g.Rectangular pin bearing left facing profile of...

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Israel/Palestine: Yitzhak Leib Peretz commemorative celluloid pin, circa. mid-late 1920s; maker-marked "KA-ER"; size: 18.25mm x 52.25mm; weight: 1.1g.Pin depicts photo image of Peretz, his name...

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Palestine: Jewish religious-Zionist amulet/pendant, 1920,; made in white metal, possibly silver; no maker marks, though a design very reminiscent of the Bezalel School; weight: 2.45g; size:...

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Israel/Palestine: 20th Zionist Congress delegate's pin, (1937); nickel(?); manufactured by M[oshe] Moro of Jerusalem; size: 19.5mm x 22.5mm; weight: 5g.Square shield shaped pin depicting the official...

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Israel/Palestine: 21st Zionist Congress delegate's pin, (1939); bronze; not maker-marked but probably by Moro of Jerusalem; size: 13.25mm x 45mm; weight: 3.35g.The pin is in a profile of raised hand...

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Israel/Palestine: Jewish Agency member's pin, circa. 1930's; silvered bronze and enamel; no makers-mark; size: 17.75mm x 55.5mm; weight: 2.7g. Emblem designed by Otte Wallisch in 1929.Round pin with...

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Poland: "HaShomer HaLeumi" ("National Guardsman") Zionist youth movement "First Legislative Congress" pass, 1930; size: 34.5mm; weight: 1.05g.Round paper token-disk with metal sides; printed on one...

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Poland: anti-Semitic Polish Independence era "pricelist" medallion, 1918; struck in nickel-brass; no marker/artist mark; size: 28mm, weight: 8.4g.Obverse: depicts 3 well-dressed and full-bodied...

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Eretz Israel 'Noter' (Hebrew Constable) "Meguyas" recruitment pin: metal pinissued to new recruits to one of the branches of the Jewish Supplementary Police (known collectively in Hebrew as the...

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Romania > Bucharest: Achdut Kodesh/Unirea Sfanta Synagogue centennary commemorative medal, 1936; struck in gilded bronze(?); not maker-marked; size: 37.5mm; weight: 20.7g.On obverse, the façade of...

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Romania: Theodore Herzl death commemoration token, circa. 1904; cast in gilded bronze(?); by O(?) Negreanu; size: 30.25mm x 34.75mm; weight: 8.65g.Obverse depicts left-facing bust of Herzl with his...

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Russia/Palestine: Rishon LeZion Jewish settlement token, circa. late 19th Century (1889?); copper; not maker-marked; size: 22.75mm x 25.25mm.A smaller version of the tallion item...

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Russia/Palestine: Rishon LeZion settlement/Theodore Herzl commemorative token, circa. 1898; copper; possibly maker-marked "J" (on rim); size: 26mm x 32.25mm; weight: 6.8g.The obverse of this token is...

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Russia/Palestine: Zionist-religious tallion, circa. late 19th Century; white metal; maker-marked "Rouchomovsky"; size (whole tallion): 17mm x 74mm; weight: 3.4g.Round medallion with ornate upper and...

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Russia, Birobidzhan "Jewish Autonomous Oblast" uniface colored enamel medallion (ND), circa. 2000s; no artist mark, manufactured by "GN" company; weight: 55.2g; size: 59.75mm.Depicts coat of arms of...

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Russia: Moses/"Shmah Yisrael" prayer Jewish tallion, circa. late 19th Century; silver; possibly Aleksandr Sergeev Yegorov of Moscow; size: 18.25mm x 27mm; weight: 2.95g.Oval tallion depicting Moses...

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South Africa > Cape Town: Consecration medal of Great Synagogue of Cape Town, 1905; struck in tin; not maker-marked; size: 38mm; weight: 19.3g.Obverse depicts Star of David with Hebrew legend...

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South African Zionist Federation silvered bronze(?) token commemorating Israel's 25th anniversary, 1973; size: 32mm; weight: 13.95g. Obverse bears Israel's official emblem for her 25th anniversary;...

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Spain > Madrid: Madrid and Toledo Synagogues commemoration, 1968; struck in pewter(?); not maker-marked; size: 45mm; weight: 39.2g.Obverse depicts the coat of arms of the Castile and León...

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Spain > Madrid: Madrid and Toledo Synagogues commemoration, 1968; struck in tombak; not maker-marked; size: 45mm; weight: 35.9g.Obverse depicts the coat of arms of the Castile and León autonomous...

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