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France/German Empire > Strasbourg: New Synagogue of Strasbourg (Synagogue of Quai Kleber) inauguration medal, 1898; struck in bronze; designed/manufactured by P.H.Fec; size: 50.5mm; weight:...

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France: "General Auguste Mercier Judge of the Traitor Dreyfus" medal, 1906; struck in bronze; designed by J.Baffier and minted by Janvier-Duval; weight: 54.15g; size: 50mm.Obverse: depicts left...

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France: "The Benevolent Jew" Society (circa. 1920), silvered bronze medal by French Jewish medalist Emmanuel Hannaux; 48mm x 70mm; 99.95g: artistic award plaque created for a fraternal benefit...

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France: Alfred Dreyfus/Fernand Labori medallion (ND); bronze(?); 22.5mm, 4.2g: busts of Dreyfus and Labori below their respective names. Medallions like this one exist also in a larger 28mm size with...

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France, Paris; Chief Rabbi Moshe (Moise) Netter medal of appreciation, 1901; struck in silver (marked on rim); by Jewish medallist René Stern (Paris); weight: 172.05g; size: 70.5mm; thickness:...

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France > Paris: Inauguration tallion of the Sephardic "Rite Portugais" Synagogue on Rue Buffault, 1877; struck in bronze; not maker-marked; size (tallion only): 27.5mm x 32mm; weight:...

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France: Jewish Charitable Society 25th Anniversary, 1907; cast bronze medal by French engraver Felix Rasumny; 55mm, 71.95g: depicts image of well-composed people seeking assistance from a poetically...

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