Thursday 14 May 2020 at 20:00 (Israel Time)

Stamps, Postal History & Philately of all periods of the Holyland, Palestine Mandate & Israel and Near East | Jewish & Zionist Philately, Ephemera and Memorabilia | Postal History of Worldwide War-times & Conflicts, including 'Postkrieg' - from the American Civil War to the Present Day | & much more...


The sale features all aspects of philately and postal history: perforations, papers, printings, settings & overprints; postal rates, routes, handling, markings, censorship, civilian & military mail, taxed mail, and more

Opening bid prices are flexible, maximum bids may be placed, lots can be bought-out; the actual sale will be a live auction starting 20:00 Israel-time on 14 May.

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The 'Blitz' Spirit: these are heady times and specifically in the British press much has been written about the current virus-crisis, and the need to get through it as in 1940, with the public 'blitz spirit' of that time (remember the image of the milkman on his delivery-run plodding his way through wreckage on a street of wartime London?).

As I deal with history, a certain picture I saw last week in the DailyMail reminded me of a famous photograph by Micha Bar-Am of reserve captain Motti Ashkenazi, commander of the 'Budapest' emplacement of the 'Bar-Lev line' on the Suez canal in the 1973 Yom Kippur War. His outpost was the only one to hold out and not surrender in spite of the bombardment. Then, the image I saw last week of an equally cool and calm New York 'Motti Ashkenazi'-looking fellow, coping with self-isolation by recreating his routine morning commute - in the bathtab, reminded me that the challenge of the hour is not just to survive physically intact - but mentally intact too...

corona virus insanity