Israeli Airforce '1st Fighter Squadron' 25 year commem. medal, 1973
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IAF "1st Fighter Squadron" 25 year commemorative medal, 1973: gold colored bronze medal depicting the emblem of the Israel Air Force's [101st] first fighter squadron with dates 1948 and 1973 on obverse, and stylized image of a Mystere(?) fighter plane on reverse with Hebrew legend "First Fighter Squadron". A pre 1973 War issue.

The squadron was established by Lou Lennart and Modi Alon (Israel's first air ace), and the unit's design was created by an overseas volunteer (called "Machal") at that time, Stan Andrews. During the 1948 War of Independence the squadron's members wore red baseball hats and the force became known as the "Red Squadron". Over the years the 101st Squadron used the Czech-made Messerschmidt, the Avia S-199, the Spitfire, the P-51 Mustang, the CB, Mystere, Mirage 3C, Nesher, Kfir, and now F-16c.

Around the time this medal was produced the Squadron flew the Mirage 3C, and during the 1973 War its commander Avi Lanir was captured by the Syrians after evacuating his plane, and tortured to death while in captivity. In AU, with a few areas oxidation/loss of gold patina, and a few specs of white paint; not maker-marked; weight: 93.35; size: 60mm.

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