Kofer ha'Yishuv 'Matat Tachshitim' silver doner pin by Moro
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Kofer ha'Yishuv "Matat Tachshitim" silver pin: pin issued to those who contributed jewelry or articles of precious metals (a special initiative called "Matat Tachshitim" in Hebrew) in the framework of the "Community Levy" ("Kofer ha'Yishuv") in support of self-defence within the Jewish community ("Yishuv") in Palestine. The pin was designed by M. Moro of Jerusalem (stamped on the reverse) and depicts a "Tower and Stockade" ("Choma u'Migdal" in Hebrew) settlement surmounted by the legend "Kofer ha'Yishuv Matat Tachshitim for the Year 1938-1939"; with soldiered safety-pin reverse; weight: 3.65 grams. Very rare.


מילות מפתח: כופר הישוב היישוב מתת תכשיטים פלשתינה א"י