Germany: 'Corn Jew'/vertical grain sifter medal, 1694, silver strike
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Germany: "Corn Jew" / vertical grain sifter medal, 1694; struck in silver; by Christian Wermuth (Silesia); size: 36mm, weight: 13.75g.

Obverse: Jewish peddler in landscape facing right, with cane and Devil tearing open the corn sack, and legend "DU KORN IUDE." above, and "THEUREZEIT 1694" ("Expensive Time 1694") in two straight lines at base.

Reverse: an upright (vertical) grain sifter ("aufrechtes scheffelmass") and a quotation from Proverbs 11:26 saying that those who withhold corn are cursed by the people.

In VF+/EF though possible signs of dipping - nevertheless in excellent physical condition; JM-3 and 109, Kirschner-18, Brettauer-1900.

מילות מפתח: מדליות אנטישמיות סטיריות קורן יודה יודאיקה יודאיכה וורמוט גרמניה