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1948 interim period Kofer HaYishuv on document: 10-05-1948 industrial property policy of the "Eretz-Israel Fund for Mutual Insurance from Damage in Time of Emergency" for period 2 - 31 May 1948, & signed on 10th, for 3800 Lira on 1500 Lira insurance for machines & raw materials from starch manufacturer; David De-Peus Ltd & Moshe Cohen as agents; franked using 50m Kofer HaYishuv insurance label, as this was the interim period - prior to 6 May, Mandate revenues franks would have been used. The fund was established by order of Minhelet Haam government in May (with the Jewish Agency as arbitrator) & owners of property required to take policies - but as Minhelet Haam not the legal government, the order lacked force & the Israeli government eventually underwrote Fund's costs (1951).


CR058, HL106, SC27, CR082