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JNF/Jewish National Fund (KKL) stamps & labels: Israel Head Office/Jerusalem pre-State issue, exploded 5-pane booklet of the 1931 issue 'Map of Israel' childrens' stamp puzzle (the pages and covers have been assembled together and may not have been printed together): per Rochlin's catalogue, this is booklet 2 consisting of 1 brown colored pane of photographs of Youth in Eretz Israel + 2 carmine & 2 green colored panes assembling a map of Eretz Israel; line rouletted, MNH & OG: with staple holes in left gutters & thin separation sheets in between, stuck in places to the gum, on final carmine page a spill mark visble on lower left corner of gum side. The front cover reads "This booklet contains thirty stamps", back page reads "The Jewish National Fund: The purpose of the Jewish National Fund is to redeem the lands of Eretz Israel for eternal ownership by the Jewish People"; the inside back cover gives instructions on the assemly of the stamps in the booklets and exhorts "Every child of Israel must purchase for himself during the year, at least, all the stamps of the 3 subjects - and this will be his donation to the redemption of the lands of the homeland" (Roch 183-88 & 195-206 & 219-230 / Kaplove lists this as a 1950 issue but as per the text it's likely as per Rochlin)