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Palestinian-Arabic philatelic blue on white label of the General Israeli labor Union in Palestine for the International Federation of Technical Unions "War Day against War" on 21 September 1924, bearing a derivation of the Biblical quotation (translated from the Arabic) "So they cut their swords into rails and their spears into scythes"; right corner piece, MNH & OG: surface imperfections on the face are mostly due to paper anomalies + spot of surface residue on lower center; on reverse some residue of envelope(?) stationary due to the stamp's storage; 45 x 59mm size. Our Egyptian translator confirms the use of the word "Israeli" (i.e. not a synonym for an Arabic term like "Palestine") in the text and admits, "this stamp is very strange". The label was probably produced by the Zionist labor union, the "Histadrut" (the 'General Union for Hebrew Workers in the Land of Israel'), formed in 1920 and which at that time absorbed 4 pre-existing joint Jewish-Arab labor unions whose members became members of the Histadrut: the railway and postal workers union, the Haifa club of public service workers, the Haifa port workers, and the Haifa bakers' union - this may explain the Arabic nature of the stamp. Although here translated as "Technical Unions" the parent organization mentioned on the stamp may be the "International Federation of Trade Unions" which the Histadrut joined in 1923. The closest association with an event called 'War against War' may be the 9 September killing of 16 Filipino strikers during the 'Hanapepe massacre' in Hawai, set against the publication that year of the anarchist-pacifist Ernst Friedrich's worldwide sensational anti-War book, 'War against War'.


CR082, SC03, SC07