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Romanian Jewish center small illustrated donation perforated stamp in aqua-green, denominated 25 Bani, with legend in Hebrew-spelled Yiddish in the border and in Hebrew in the center, set against a rising sun and the Tablets of the Ten Commandments: Areta Yiddische Zentral Kantzliya (ארטה יידישע צענטראל קאנצלייא) | For the Sustenance of the Bureau of the Supporters of Hareta Yeshivot - the Yiddish words are not fully translatable into English, and the name "Areta/Hareta" is unknown; one source says this stamp is from Birou but this cataloguer found no such locale; MNH & OG, light surficial damage to the lower-right corner area. This stamp is part of a series of which only 25 Bani and 50 Bani issues have been seen by the cataloguer. The 25 Bani issue features smaller-sized Hebrew letters in the central Hebrew legend.


CR090, SC04