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Unlisted perforation variety on mail: 12-7-1908 hand-dated (on front) picture postcard of the plaquette "The Matchmaker" by Boriz Schatz/Bezalel, of the Bezalel Museum postcard series (Niztanim-Wilhelm Gross publishers), from HAIFA to JERUSALEM; franked 20pa per period inland postcard rate using 1907 series Austrian Holyland post Emperor profile 10 Heller stamp overprinted 20 para (Ba #60) - but with unlisted 12¾ x 12½ perforation, and tied by strike of the Austrian post office CAIFA b postmark (Ba #124; apparently misdated to 22 of the month); the postmark bears 13 VII JAFFA A transit (Ba #125) & next day JERUSALEM B (Ba #129) arrival. The message in Hebrew is greetings from two females to their matchmakers.