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Mandate Jerusalem postmarks - one of the rarest: JSM LYDDA TPO (Dorf-9, rated VR) - 3x strikes dated 13(?) JU 1936 tied to 13m period franking (2x 3m & 4m Ba 91/92) on airmail etiquetted Saint Andrews Hospice stationary cover from JERUSALEM to ABERDEEN Scotland; would have been transported by Imperial Airlines per their 1933 13m rate. Dorfman only recorded seeing 1 cover with this postmark & 1 stamp with partial strike; Tsachor records 3 covers known, one of which sold for $7200 in a Sept. 1997 auction. Here exceptionally rare as used on airmail (Dorfman displays surface mail cover); postmark recorded used between 9 April - 17 Nov. 1936. Slit open at top.