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Very early/"first day" interim registered cover: dateless local HAIFA registered cover from Tuberculosis League, franked 25m per postage period rate (10m letter + 15m registered fee) using interim Technion 5m & pair 10m (Ba13/14,with Haifa overprints) & tied by strike of interim postmark + 2x on back; tied by Haifa-12 (NAHLA Branch Office) registry-label 0019 - this very early use (0003-1672 were used between 2-14 May), so probably posted 2 MAY (1st day of Minhelet Ha'am); backstamped 6 MY 48 HADAR HACARMEL Branch Office (GD-100) arrival using Mandate cancel GD-100 - this use possible during MH period (after 5 May) - here on 1st day after full closure of Mandate postal services; slit open at top; interesting 2 period cover marking start of interim post & end of Mandate post.


CR058, HL031, SC18, SC26, SC15, CR082