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1948 interim 2-period cover with frozen dated cancel: MAY 1948 undated registered commercial cover from loan society NATANYA to Anglo-Palestine Bank TEL AVIV, franked 25m per postage period rate using mixed interim & Mandate franks (4 mil Pipeline & 20 mil Pictorial) + registry-label 2309 (numbers 2183-2877 known used throughout interim period), tied by 2 strikes of interim postmark in violet on front + 2x on back; backstamped 5 MY 1948 REGISTERED TEL AVIV arrival using oval Mandate cancel: the registry label isn't low enough for this to be considered an arrival postmark on this date (eg. the last date of Mandate postal service in Palestine), and is most likely the 5 May "frozen date" Mandate cancel used in TEL AVIV (between 6-14 May) to confirm the receipt of registered mail; slit open at top. Estimated value $250+