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Frozen dated Mandate cancel as a return-arrival mark on interim mail: undated May 1948 period commercial registered cover on business stationary from TEL AVIV to RAMAT GAN, franked 30m for the 25m period postage rate, using 3x 10m interim Negev Pipeline franks (Ba #33) & tied by 2x strikes of the local interim postmark on front + 2x on back; the cover was backstamped on arrival by the RAMAT GAN post office, using its interim postmark - this scarce as most arrival-backstamped registered mail in this period was indicated with a Mandate dating device; however the address could not be located: the receiving post office added a notation to the address "Next to Holland Bank", but the cover was marked twice on back in different color ink manuscript "unknown" and the original address crossed-off - here unusually, not using any of the Mandate era instructional marking handstamps; the cover was returned to the pre-printed address (at no charge as this is registered mail), whereupon it was backstamped 5 MAY using the oval REGISTERED TEL AVIV Mandate cancel - this was a "frozen dated" cancelling device used between 6-14 May in Tel Aviv, simply to indicate the arrival (not dating) of the processed mail; slit open at top.