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1948 Israeli "no service" marks on mail TO ISRAEL: 12 VIII 1948 air mail commercial cover on business stationary from LONDON to business at post office box in JAFFA ("Palestine"), meter franked 6d; oddly the receiving Post Office in TEL AVIV rejected the cover - without highlighting any specific problem & marking the whole address area with 2-line former Mandate instructional marking handstamp "RETURNED TO SENDER | NO SERVICE" K-Type-F-III & passed it on to the military censor Tav 6 which approved it (without opening it): although the address says "Palestine" (and this name was widely used then still by foreign postal authorities) the probable reason for the rejection is that the whole locale - part of Israel since May - was still a military zone (with certain formerly Arab-held areas being "closed" zones or under "military government" - in Jaffa, until July 1949), hence the censoring of incoming mail (from Europe) and service rejection. Opened roughly at left, piece missing. Unusual handling, not specifically documented in Kibble for this case for liberated Jaffa (although he documents instances earlier in 1948 where local mail in Palestine could have been refused service by the Israeli post if the destination was a hostile area, specifically 2 cases of mail to Gaza posted on the last day of the Mandatory post) & unclear how long this postal policy existed.