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Rishon Le Zion 1948 semi-siege period incoming printed matter mail: 21 MR 48 commercial cover from TEL AVIV to doctor in RISHON LE ZION, franked 3m per period printed matter rate using vertical ribbed Pictorals Ba #91 single tied by local postmark Sacher B60; back-flap unsealed as per printed matter regulations. Relatively late-dated Mandate era mail during the period of the termination of the Mandatory postal services; mailed 2 weeks before the start of the local RLZ armored car mail service on 5 April. As of February 1948, when the security situation required the abandonment of a key roadway to Rishon Le Zion, mail service was irregular and transported no more than once or twice a week.


CR082, SC22, SC38, SC29, CR058