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1 1977


1948 interim mail/Nahariya 2ND SLOGAN 1st Day of use: 2x superb full strikes dated 23 MAR 1948 tied to front & back of cover to Rina Shine HAIFA (from "Shitz" in Nahariya), franked 10m using Mandate pictoral (Ba 97) & cancelled 26 MAR 48 by Haifa machine cancel; vertical fold at center, slit open at top. The slogan was applied to mail carried by the emergency sea-route established while Nahariya was under siege, once a service fee of 20mil had been paid (for outgoing mail). The pre-applied frank (10m for letter rate) was then cancelled when the letter was deposited with the Mandate postal service in Haifa. This 2nd slogan design was in use for only 2 days (23-24 March); covers sent on the 23rd were cancelled in Haifa on the 26th. Certified by Aloni & Tsachor. Estimated value $5000++ (for double strike)