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1948-49 War Arab POW mail: 27 SEP 1948 cover from HEBRON with typewritten English & Arabic handwritten address to Arab prisoner of war at "Camp No. 1" (noted as 791 Camp by one of the transmitting authorities), franked 10m per period domestic letter rate using Egyptian Palestine overprinted single & tied by strike of the rare local postmark: although on the West Bank, Hebron was under Egyptian control until 1 Sept. 1949 (when taken over by Jordan) - here the cover was transmitted onward to GAZA, where it was received in transit on 2 OC 1948 (backstamp) and probably censored (cachet on front) & then transferred to the Red Cross whose GENEVA cachet is tied to the front; unsealed. Unusual postal routing from the West Bank to Gaza within the same Egyptian postal authority + no Israeli handling/censor marks.