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Early airmail to US: 16-6-1948 registered commercial airmail cover from TEL AVIV to hair business ELIZABETH New Jersey, franked 80m per FA-1 postage period rate (65m airmail to US + 15m registered fee) using 50m + 2x 15m & tied by 2 strikes of Head Post Office postmark on front + 1x on back (flap sealed with 20m frank tab) - here mailed 7 days after Israel's commencement of airmail to the US (9 June) & 7 days after earliest known date of dispatch (9 June via CSA); carried either by CSA, Air France or KLM; tied by national loan cachet (against regulations as this not domestic registered mail); backstamped 6-27-1948 New York AMF (Air Mail Field) & same day NY REG DIV transits, next day arrival; unclaimed 28th & 29th but apparently delivered and not returned to sender; cut open at right. The US resumed airmail service to Israel on the 26 June.