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Israeli maritime mail postal links 'first flight': 23-11-1954 photo picture postcard of snake charmers in Ceylon with a short message message in English ('Regards from the first Israeli ship in Colombo Ceylon') from the Chief Engineer (Landau?) of the Israeli motor-vessel cargo ship M/V Rimon in COLOMBO Sri Lanka to addressee at the Shoham Ltd company in HAIFA, franked 35c & tied by 1x strike of the postmark + 2x strikes of the Chief Engineer's circular cachet on the postcard itself (below the franking; unlisted in Nachtigall-Fixler). The ship was built in 1950 in Sweden & purchased by the Israeli ZIM shipping company; the event commemorated here took place on the ship's journey to Rangoon on 6 November, the company's first vessel to sail to the Far East from Haifa - a 26,000 miles round-trip around Africa - as a trial for further development of this line.