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Lebanese postal boycott of Israel: 20 OCT 1952 registered commercial airmail cover on business stationary from HONG KONG to SDE NEHEMIA (via AFULA post), franked $1.30 & tied by 2 strikes of local REGISTERED postmark; misrouted via LEBANON where backstamped 23 X 52 BEYROUTH CHARGEMENTS ("cargo") arrival & marked by French manuscript instructional marking "Retour | Pas de relation postal avec Israel" - this rare as less than 10 "no service" manuscript-marked covers known from Lebanon; returned to sender via Egypt where marked on front by oval censor K-Type-4 with Arabic letters "MM" (rare on this type of postal history per Kibble; here used past Kibble's last known date of 1949) & backstamped 31 OCT 52 CAIRO DELEVERY(sic). This only known HONG KONG originating Lebanese-"no service" mail to Israel, here with interesting routing via additional country not supporting postal links to Israel.