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Cuban mail affected by Egyptian postal boycott of Israel: 1961 era surface mailed picture postcard of Havana from LOS PINOS - HAVANA to KIBBUTZ LEHAVOT HAVIVA, franked 3c but [mis-]routed via EGYPT where seized and censored (by K-Type7 censor handstamp numbered #75) & marked by Egyptian "PAS DE SERVICE" K-Type-II instructional marking - and returned to sender; the postcard was resent, correctly routed via non-Arab countries and reached Israel, where marked by Hebrew-language instructional marking K-Type-M1.1 "Letter delayed in one of the Arab countries due to incorrect routing", in use since 1954 at both TEL AVIV and HAIFA main post offices (unclear which served as the transit point; LEHAVOT HAVIVA is in the north). At this time, as late as December 1961, the Jewish Telegraphic Agency was reporting on the Egyptian seizure and censoring of mis-routed airmail (eg. as a policy and not as accidentally misrouted individual mails). Of note the postcard was published by Roberts Tobacco, in the US - this 2 years after Castro's seizure of power and the American blockade on Cuba. Castro's ascention to power (1959) did not affect Cuban-Israeli relations & these broke off only in 1973. Unusual postal link + tiny receiving locale.